I am on vacation this week and I ain’t doing shit.

Trish left 2 laundry baskets filled with dirty clothes by the laundry room door. I ain’t doing them. I think I have 3 more pair of clean underwear.

The pizza pan from last night is still on top of the oven. I ain’t doing it.

The kids are upstairs asleep right this moment, they’re on Spring Break this week…..when they wake up, they’ll have pop tarts and whatever they find to drink because I ain’t fixing them shit.

I need to take the car and get the emissions test done so we can buy this years tag…..I ain’t doing it.

For those of you who have Facebook and are on my “friends” list, you’ve seen this picture…For those of you who don’t, I am posting it for your viewing pleasure….


I took the kids to a drive through animal safari where the animals come right up to your vehicle and beg for food. It’s almost like driving through downtown Atlanta.

They would stick their heads in your window, slobber all over your blue jeans, and only move when you pressed the gas. Hhhmmm, this sounds like the chicks on the corner of Fulton Industrial and Marrietta Rd.


I can only imagine the mental images you female heathens have after looking a that photo above….

I wonder why that’s Trisha’s favorite?


I actually hit one of the animals. Twice.

Little bastards would stand dead center of the road and wouldn’t move. I figured a little budge wouldn’t hurt….Hell, it wasn’t my van anyway.


Yes, that’s me whining like a little bitch. I’m a germaphobe and these bastards were spreading germs like manners meant nothing to them.

They were acting like your kids… “Gimme gimme gimme”

All in all, it was such a fun trip.

But that’s it. I ain’t doing no more shit.

Wait a sec..

Trish just called. We’re apparently going to Dave and Busters, Six Flags, and the park this week.

Who’s vacation is this???!