Look here you filthy heathens, I’m coming back as a changed man. The time I took off from this blogging crap has opened my eyes to the way I should behave, the correct way to express myself, and I learned to never put perfume, not even a dash, onto my penis.

That shit burns.

Anyway, I want you people to behave this time around….

Some of you have asked what happened.

Well, it wasn’t fun any more. It became a drag and it ceased to hold my interest. The time it took to actually make my “blog visits” was astounding. Keep in mind, I don’t have access to a computer at work so you can imagine the time it took away from my home life. If this one creates the same problem, I’m giving you an advanced warning now…. I’ll be gone again.

Now, I have a question for you rotten folks….

Do you have arguments with your significant other over stupid shit???

I’ll bet you do. I know the answer why too….

Women are so damn stubborn!

Just because a man asks for a blowjob the second his woman walks into the door from work after a 9 hour day doesn’t mean he wants it right then….geeeeeez.